What Is UnHack ?

In today’s day and age where your cell phone has become an extension of your own self and no more "just another gadget",
sadly, it still remains a black box for most users who, today, use it as a lifeline for both work and personal purposes.

UnHack gives you complete control of your phone.

It does so simply by reversing the permission base that the applications take on your cell phone.
In simpler words, it can show you which apps are accessing your SMS, call logs, camera, pictures among others.

All this control with just 2 clicks, is what we guarantee you.

What does Unhack do ?

UnHack shows apps that can access your...

  • Text Messages

    You will be able to see a list of apps can read your text messages and can be analysing them to give you customized ads. They can also send an SMS from your number without your knowledge.

  • Call Logs

    You will be able to see a list of apps that can access your call detail records. This means that they can see who all are you talking to, whos'e ingnorinig you along with who you are trying to ignore.

  • SD Card

    You wll be able to see a list of apps that can access your memory card. This means they can see all your favourite pictures and videos you have clicked, including those pictures.

  • Camera

    Oh boy does this even need any introduction, it's as cool as it gets. Apps accessing your camera can not only click your pictures but can shoot a video from your camera, without you knowing at any given time

  • And
    More !

App Classification

All apps are categorized into 3 sections


The permissions that safe apps take are
minimal and necessary for the functioning of
core features of that app.


The permissions that fishy apps take
fall in the grey area of justification for the
functioning of the app.


The permissions that unsafe apps take
are certainly beyond the requirement for the
core functionality of app.


Not happy about the rating of your app?
Write to us on unhack@lucideustech.com

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